The Black Trumpet

Headed here for an earlier dinner on a recommendation. I had the mezze plate special which was delish.

I then order the paella which was only so so. Ive had a ton of it in Spain so I’m quite picky. It was a lunch size portion from my experience in Spain yet dinner prices. It tasted pretty oily and the rice seemed overcooked. Or rather, it had been ready for a while and sitting under the heat lamps waiting to get to my table. I was rather disappointed. 

The place definitely as a cozy romantic atmosphere done with dark reds and black. If you go, try to sit upstairs by the windows for the water view.


Popovers on the Square 

This was an ok spot. It was really busy and right in downtown. It feels like a Panera with a similar type of menu: soups, sandwiches, salads, etc. But they also have popovers. (As you’d expect by the name) They had good reviews on Yelp. I’ll start off by saying my gingerbread hot chocolate was excellent! But continue on to say stuck to drinks guys!

Hot chocolate
I got the stew of the day which was actually a chowder, New England Clam Chowder in a popover which I figured would be like a bread bowl. Well they sliced the popover in half instead of across the top and just didn’t look as appetitizing as a bread bowl . Also, the chowder tasted like Campbell’s Chunky style though it was supposed to be home made. Who knows maybe the chef came up with Campbell’s recipe? 

Chowder in a popover

Banded Horn

13-W, 32 Main St, Biddeford, ME 04005

I loved this brewery. I love where you can see the brewing process happening right from the tasting room. It’s large and clean. 

Such a great space
There’s a few arcade games, a Nintendo, and a ping pong table. They’ve got great merch and various styles if beer. As a person who hates IPAs I was quite happy to see some sours as those Belgian Reds Lambics and English Bitters really make me happy. (I do enjoy a stout in the winter!) I tried 3 my favorite being Resolution which I bought a bottle to take home. 

Great taps
Great beers

I wish I had time to hang out. If you’re in Portland it’s worth the drive South.

Great gear! As they say in Iceland: Skål!

The Holy Donut

194 Park Ave Portland, Maine

Checked out the original location on Park Ave. A couch with a table of chairs around a coffee table, 2 2 tops, and about 5 stools make up the seating space for this hugely popular establishment. (All of which are by the door brrrrrrr in the winter– dress accordingly.) 

So so good

I heard about the chocolate sea salt and yes, that was a good pick, u personally wanted to try the holy Cannoli which is a donut and it was good, but not great, finally the young woman and working there suggested the sweet potato either with sugar or glazed. I opted for glazed. 

The Holy Cannoli -good, but i’ve had better

My suggestion pop in for a chocolate with sea salt, but don’t spend the money on a dozen different ones. 


The fries were meh

43 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

Totally not worth it. French fries and a milkshake $18+? No thanks also, I’ve had the fries in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, and Belgium and I need to say Duckfat, leave your Belgian fries to the Belgians please. I’d be totally okay if you became a milkshake only place though. The original made my taste buds happy. 

Westin Portland Harbor View

157 High St, Portland, ME 04101

Mini checking out the view from above

The staff is very pleasent. The rooms and lobby are spotless. There is valet parking or a garage for around $35 a day. My room was a corner room with floor to ceiling windows. It’s a 15 floor hotel I’m sure the views from the 15th floor are beautiful. Mine in a lower wasn’t so bad. Great in room food options. They have their workout gear rental option for $5 bucks a day. I’d def come back and stay. Honestly, I’d come back for a weekend and not leave my room! Just relax and order in a massage from the spa. 

Portland Museum of Art

Mini discovering Monet.

7 Congress Square, Portland, ME 04101

It is quite small. You can get through it in an afternoon or less. They do have a couple of Robert Indiana’s, Monet’s, and Renoir’s pieces which I found thoroughly enjoyable. They get some travel exhibits and show documentaries as well. Their cafe is so so and as with all museum gift shops, overpriced. It’s $15 bucks a person admissiob but check Groupon, you may be able to get 2 for the price of 1. Also, if you have a valid student ID, there’s a discount. 


Lobster roll

86 Middle St, Portland, ME 04101

What’s the big deal with eventide? I tried the clam chowder it was more like clam soup and kind of tasted like I was drinking ocean water. The lobster stew was pretty good, had a nice broth to it, but not something I’d rush back there for. And the lobster roll? Well it was good. I found the Chinese bun interesting and enjoyable, but honestly was it my favorite ever? Definitely not. Would I wait in line for 5 hours? Hell no! Would I wander in one day and grab one if I was in the neighborhood and there was no line? Sure, why not. Even if it is a little bit of a thing. I understand lobster is expensive, but really? Meh.  I will say our server was Rockin though! 

New England clam chowder

Fort Williams Park – Portland, Maine

1000 Shore Rd, Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107

For a brief moment I could have believed I was in Iceland (it certainly was cold enough) if it wasn’t for the trees. Just a short drive from Portland is  Fort Williams Park. The park beautiful under a blanket of snow. There’s a great vantage point of the lighthouse as you are driving to it. I actually stopped and shot photos there. Then looping through the park you can catch it from the opposite direction and get a nice vantage point. 

Portland Head Light