A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Belgian Comic Strip Center – Brussels, Belgium


So I used to read comic strips as a kid but in my adult years I have put down the funny pages, mainly because I read my news online rather than a newspaper. I however have gotten more into comic books, or more specifically when a run is put together in a graphic novel form rather than each separate book. I just don’t have the time to keep up with that.


So when I heard about the comic museum in Brussels I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I quickly learned it’s not about comic books, but about comic strips. It’s fine, I was already here and I am familiar with some comics. This museum deals mainly with artists from Belgium, so I knew less than I thought, though it was interesting to learn that some of the comics I do actually know have Belgian roots.


In the gift shop you’ll find a mix of items having to do with characters from both comic strips and comics books. You really only need about an hour and a half to go through the museum, and it’s really not a place for small children. If you’re interested in the history of this art form I suggest it!



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