A Jet Set Lifestyle: Ryanair 

On this trip I took two flights with Ryanair which is one of the budget airlines in Europe.

First off, before you go, make sure you read what the bag restrictions are as for weight and size as they are different from other airlines I have been on.

Also, know that if you are an American and you want to buy anything in flight you’ll need an American Express card or the currency for the area for which you are in. I had my Visa and Mastercard both of which were declined simply because they were not accepted. Side note, Discover users you’re really out of luck in Europe as just about every place (besides Ryanair) seem to accept Mastercard and Visa only for American credit cards. Though some will also take American Express.

Okay back to my two Ryanair flights.

My first was from Copenhagen to Denmark. That flight was miserable. The plane landed late so I understand the crew wanting to turn over the plane quickly and get my flight off the ground but the head flight crew member was awful.

They had us come out on the tarmac to begin boarding and the flight crew is mingling about. The head flight crew guy stands at the top of the plane steps claps his hands loudly to get the crews attention and begins yelling at them to pay attention and to get on board.

The flight begins to board and there is a man in a wheelchair sitting at the bottom of the stairs. When the head attendant reappears at the top of the stairs the man in the wheelchair calls something up to him. It’s not in English so I’m unsure what he is saying. This crew member begins yelling at him in accented English and I catch some of what he is saying, “You’re not my boss” then he calls to the airport member who is with the man in the wheelchair to explain the situation to him. I am assuming it is because they brought the man in the wheelchair out first (it was cold mind you) and having him wait to board last. I would be wondering why I was waiting as well as most flights have those who need extra help go first and board first. Furthermore if he’s not going to board first why was he brought out to the tarmac to sit in the cold and wait?

Well on the flight itself I slept for much of it. I wake to shouts and cries for help. This alarms me I take off my eye mask and attempt to turn around. My turn radius is not so good at this point and whatever is happening is happening directly two seats behind me.

I hear shouts for a doctor as you see on television. I am hearing people calling out that someone is having a stroke or a seizure. Then I hear the same flight crew member yelling at everyone to sit down, that he is not allowed to get up right now and since we were making our decent nothing could be done until we touch down on the ground.

People begin getting angry and rightfully so. Despite the protestations of the flight crew member the man sitting next to the sick person gets up and gets the sick man’s bag from the overheard compartment. He finds the man’s medicine and the seizure stops.

Once we land the medical team comes on board and they begin having us all deboard. I hope this man is okay and I hope this flight crew member is dealt with. Maybe rules are that those in wheelchairs do board last but be nicer about it and don’t make the handicapped come out so soon. Maybe on decent you aren’t supposed to get up and they fear more people will be hurt if they allow others to get up to help, but I feel the flight crew must be willing to get up, not the whole crew, but at least one appointed member.

I really hope Ryanair learns from this. I knew I had a second flight booked with them already, but after that flight I was really turned off. So I knew I’d take that second already booked flight but then never fly with them again.

On my second flight it was a better experience. Granted I was unable to even buy a bottle of water since I didn’t have paper or coin money with me and the only American card they take is American Express which I don’t travel with. And medically I need water so that was a problem. But the flight crew were all professional and one particular member was extraordinarily nice. So, because of him he may have possibly saved the company from losing a future customer, despite all the damage the man did for their reputation on the first flight.


A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Belgian Comic Strip Center – Brussels, Belgium


So I used to read comic strips as a kid but in my adult years I have put down the funny pages, mainly because I read my news online rather than a newspaper. I however have gotten more into comic books, or more specifically when a run is put together in a graphic novel form rather than each separate book. I just don’t have the time to keep up with that.


So when I heard about the comic museum in Brussels I was intrigued. Unfortunately, I quickly learned it’s not about comic books, but about comic strips. It’s fine, I was already here and I am familiar with some comics. This museum deals mainly with artists from Belgium, so I knew less than I thought, though it was interesting to learn that some of the comics I do actually know have Belgian roots.


In the gift shop you’ll find a mix of items having to do with characters from both comic strips and comics books. You really only need about an hour and a half to go through the museum, and it’s really not a place for small children. If you’re interested in the history of this art form I suggest it!


A Jet Set Lifestyle: Freetown – Christiania Denmark


Freetown is a hippie commune. Originally Freetown had been military barracks But when they became abandoned neighboring people began to use the area as a playground for their children. Eventually people moved in and began squatting. It wasn’t until 1994 that residents had to begin paying taxes.


There are quite a few entrances into freetown but there’s a main entrance and exit point. Many residents of Freetown do not want photos taken of even the entrance and exit ways. Knowing this I was waiting around for a clear moment to take a photo to not catch a resident and a man who looked like he was in his 40’s came out and yelled at me and told me to not wait around, to take a photo and to leave.


As for inside there you can wander around the streets and see the dilapidated houses but the area where everyone seems to want to go is where pot is sold freely.

Now I’ve never been an advocate of such things but I decided to take a quick walk down the street, mainly because it looked as if there were several restaurants and this lady needed to pee! TMI? Yeah, sorry about that.


Annnywaaay, as you are about to enter this area where pot is freely sold by just about every person standing along the both sides of the street street there are multiple signs saying no pictures can be taken.

When you get to end of this area you get to the main exit of Freetown where there is a sign that says “Now entering the EU.”

In this area you will find shops selling beverages, food, and various items made by residents of Freetown. Feel free to support local artists.


A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Little Mermaid Statue – Copenhagen


So in all tourist destination cities there are some things you have to see because when you get home you’ll be asked if you went and if you respond no you will then be questioned as to why you didn’t go.

Well in Copenhagen one of those things is The Little Mermaid Statue. So I went. Yes I saw her on the canal cruise, but again, you can only see her backside. So I headed over to see her face because not everything should be about a woman’s backside now should it?

Well she’s a little bit of a thing. Not as small as I expected when hearing she was little but certainly not the size of say Alice in Central Park.

18118807_1357159767706013_4823732848844452990_n (1)

I thought it would be impossible to take a photo with her, but luckily despite a crowd of people most were relatively considerate. There were a couple of Asian gentleman that made the rest of us tourist look bad, but I had definitely seen worse.


A Jet Set Lifestyle: Hamlet’s Castle

Hamlet. As in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Yeah that guy. He has a castle in his home of Denmark. Sort of. Now we know Hamlet wasn’t real but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Shakespeare. Things weren’t well documented and preserved then. A little ironic with him you know being a writer and all. Some of the things that Shakespeare supposedly wrote the world isn’t even sure if he did. And new research says there are a few things credited to that definitely were not written by him. Was Hamlet? Who knows.

Did Shakespeare ever visit Denmark? Who knows. If you do know please inform the rest of us.


The castle is actually called Kronborg Castle, not Elsinore. And King Frederick the II lived  there with his wife Sophia of Mecklenburg-Güstrow and their 8 children, not Hamlet. (Granted others lived there as well but while touring the castle you learn much about this particular family.


Inside the castle you can head through and see where the King Frederick II and Queen Sophia actually lived, worked, and entertained. I have been inside of Palaces before but never an actual castle so this was a treat.


The exhibit was so so. I would have hoped there would have been an exhibit dedicated to Hamlet but there wasn’t.

There is a tour a couple times a day of the dungeon or you can go on your own. There is also another tour that is a Hamlet tour but unfortunately there wasn’t a chance for me to go on that one due to the time I arrived. At the time of writing (2017) this tour is an extra 50DKK.

The King’s bedroom
Where the King worked

If you want to check out Hamlet’s Castle it’s a little over an hour outside of Copenhagen right on the water in Helsingør. There is a train from Copenhagen and then it’s less than a mile walk to the castle. You  can see the castle the whole walk.

Supposedly there’s a ferry that takes 15 minutes from port to port that brings you to Sweden. So if you really wanted to you could hop on over then say you’ve been to Sweden. I myself wanted to get back to Copenhagen.


A Jet Set Lifestyle: Heads to the Strawberry Fields


I grew up in Connecticut. As much as I feel it is important for a person to see other cultures and experience other places first hand to really be able to grow as a human and understand the world they live in, I do enjoy coming back to Connecticut at particular times. One of those times being strawberry season! Strawberry season in Connecticut tends to coincide with Father’s Day. Which is great, as my father loves strawberries (but more on that later).

Strawberry picking works well solo and is also a fun family activity. With that being said, I hope the children are well behaved and can follow the farms rules and also will listen to their parents as those parents enforce the farm’s rules. Parents, please enforce the farms rules, they are in place for everyones safety and enjoyment.


On another soapbox note, make sure you drink up some water, and bring a cooler for the car with more water for after your picking as you are out in the direct sunlight. So, wear your highest SPF and your favorite shades as well. A sunhat would be handy too. But enough on safety let’s get to the fun!

I grew up not far from Jones Tree Farm and would go picking there seasonally. As an adult I would head back there as well. This season I am up in Litchfield county for a bit of time and decided to see what was around this area.

Deeply Rooted Farms LLC came back with high ratings and I decided to check it out. It’s been terribly hot earlier this week but today (06/15/17) it was in the low 60’s and I decided it was a great time to go as they opened their season 2 days earlier. (Note strawberry season varies a little bit depending on the weather, so make sure to check in with your local farm.)


I took the 15 minute drive over and chatted with the people working there. They currently (as of this writing) have two types of berries, Earliglow and L’Amour. More will be coming later in the season. Earliglow stay on the small side but are really sweet as L’Amour are not as sweet and get bigger.)

They give you a basket and send you on your way. Please stay in the marked areas for picking. Once you’re done picking you head back to the stand have your berries weighed and pay by weight. This particular farm (As well as Jones Tree Farm) take cash or check as forms of payment.

Due to some medical things I gave myself 30 minutes in the field to get what I can get. A nosey woman who doesn’t know how to be quiet or mind her own business was behind me while I was waiting to pay and she was waiting to get a basket to pick and said “Boy you didn’t get a lot!” Nice lady, real nice. But some of the people are the farm that work there are actually nice. This one young woman asked me if I would like some help picking, I had decided already I was done for the day and needed to get out of the heat, so I told her I really appreciated the offer but was done for the day. Why do I tell you this? Because kindness begets kindness as rudeness begets rudeness. (I’m really on my high horse today huh?)

Anyway, for a first timer at Deeply Rooted Farms LLC I’d say I’ll come back! Perhaps again this season, perhaps not. But if I do come back this season I’ll get a dollar off if I bring my same box back!


Not into picking your own? You can drive on over and pick up some that were picked by the farmers and are ready to go!


Not sure what to do with all your strawberries? Check these recipes out:

Strawberry Dessert Topping

Strawberry Jam

Preserving Your Jam

Strawberry Pie

I myself love the jam. My father is a big fan of the dessert topping for his ice cream and the strawberry pie which my mother used to make for him. So with this blog post going live on Father’s Day, guess what dessert is and what he’s taking home as part of his gift?

A Jet Set Lifestyle: Granola – Copenhagen


Granola is a spot that’s popular with locals and tourists alike. I arrived and there was a wait, this is a good sign I thought. But looking back, I’m honestly not sure why.

I go in and there was a small table pushed in the corner where I was able to sit without a wait, okay great. However after sitting there for 10 minutes I walked up to the counter to ask if I were to order at the counter or if someone came to the table. A young woman said someone would come to the table so I went back to wait. It still took a few more minutes  before the same young woman came over to take my order.


I don’t completely blame her, she was in the weeds with too many tables, but management should not be greedy for all the money and bring on extra staff during brunch.

20 minutes later I have my food. I stare at it considering how much I just spent on this. I knew I’d quickly be hungry again, especially after waiting so long to eat to begin with. Maybe I’m just an overfed fat American.


2 minutes after that I finally get my orange juice which was over ice. I feel if the juice is cold (as it should be) there really is no need to have it over ice. Juices are expensive enough without loosing space due to the ice and who wants watered down juice  anyway? Maybe I’m in the minority on this one.

How did I entertain myself during the wait? I didn’t. They have no wi-fi.

Anyway, once my food finally arrived I ate quickly because once again I was so hungry.

It’s fine. But it’s not worth the money. I had hoped that because it was so small it would at least have been amazing, it wasn’t.


Do you want to know how long it took me to pay? Well not long because I walked up to the counter, I wasn’t about to stay any longer.

Do I recommend Granola? Definitely not.

A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Viking Ship Museum Roskilde, Denmark

I have previously been to The Viking Ship museum in Oslo, Norway so to learn that less than an hour away from Copenhagen there was a museum with 5 Viking ships I was pretty excited to say the least.

I hopped a train and headed off. It’s about a mile walk to the museum from the train station. But you go by a couple parks with benches so if you need to take a rest, like I did, you have some options.

I got to the museum and had a couple hours before it closed so I knew I had to be a little quick.

At the time I went they were selling tickets in the gift shop. After buying the tickets I wandered down to see the 5 ships, or more, what was left of them. So far from my knowledge and research it appears the best well preserved ship is the Gokstad in Oslo, Norway so of course I see that one first and everything else is a slight disappointment in comparison.


But this museum is well worth a visit. First off these ships are around 1,000 years old. You try keeping yourself together for that long. My makeup is usually streaked across my face before noon. But other than that, next to the ship remains they have small scale models of what the ships would look like if they were fully preserved.


They also have an outdoor area with a workshop. In the workshop they build life size replicas of the ships and they take people out on during the warmer months. You can go into the workshop and see ships being built right before your eyes.


The current ship they are working on (2017) they are allowing the general people to help build as well was having step by step plans and videos on the internet that people can follow their progress through and attempt to build their own.


Do I recommend this museum? Absolutely  !

A Jet Set Lifestyle: AirBnB fails.

For a long time I stayed at hostels, but as I get older I want more privacy, especially on this trip. So I’ve started renting AirBnBs in both the capacity of private places or just private rooms. On this trip it is a mixture of private rooms in both AirBnBs and hostels as well as hotels.

So far I’ve had my first bad AirBnB experience.

I’m not a big talker, especially when I first get up or I’m tired, I just like to be left alone, hence me not booking any shared rooms this time around.

Well I extensively read reviews of AirBnBs as well was the profiles of the hosts. The particular one I am speaking about the host specifically wrote that he mainly leaves guests alone, which I greatly liked reading.

I get there and he’s on his way out so I say bye and that’s the last I see of him.

Great right?


He has a co-host. I’ve never read a co-host profile before as I thought they were a friend that lived nearby and helped check in a guest or clean a room when a host was unavailable. Well, that’s not the case, at least not in this situation. He lived there. And for whatever reason our scheduled matched up and he was always there when I was there.

He would be in the living room or kitchen where I couldn’t see him. They had a couple of cats so I never knew who was rustling around but I’d come out of the room and he’d come out in the hall to talk to me for 20 minutes to an hour!

On one such night he talked to me for a half an hour after I got off an long  Hangouts call and was on my way to try to use the restroom. After I got to my room, ready for bed, I realized I needed more water.

I thought about going without, but I had to take my vitamins so I ventured out to get water and he then talked to me for another 20 mins I had wanted to be in bed almost an hour previous by this point.

On my final night I quickly run out of my room and cross the hall to the restroom and on my way back to my room he comes running out. I feel ambushed. I rub my eyes. He asks if I’m tired. I say yes. He asks if I leave tomorrow. I say yes at 5 in the morning. He then goes on for another 5-7 minutes.

Now, I’m not necessarily an unfriendly person, if I was I’d cut him off and not let him talk so long, but I’m also, as I said, not really a talker. So what should one do in such a situation? You don’t want to piss a host off, especially while still being there. You also don’t want a bad review. What does one do? Have you had a similar situation where you were uncomfortable in a place you stayed? How did you handle it?