A Jet Set Lifestyle: Local foods Part VI – Torchy’s Tacos Austin, TX, USA


I stopped into Torchy’s Tacos on the morning of Saturday December 31, 2016.  My travel companion on this trip and I went to the UT location located at 2801 Guadalupe St in Austin, Texas on our way to the Bullock Texas State History Museum.

I have long heard about the breakfast tacos in the south and when a friend currently living in NYC by way of Austin, Texas told me to try Torchy’s Tacos I decided my search for where to have breakfast tacos was done and I would check this place out.


Through a little research I learned that Torchy’s was originally a trailer and now had multiple locations not only in Austin but acorss Texas and a few other states as well.

According to The Dallas Observer Torchy’s Tacos “first opened in August 2006, the original Torchy’s Tacos outpost was a patina-ed trailer watched over by a devilish cupid. It’s still parked in the South Austin (at South 1st*) trailer-park food court and joined by five other locations, the latest in North Dallas.”

A further update from Everipedia says that Michael Rypka aka Torchy “first attracted customers by (hopping on his scooter and handing out free chips and his award-winning salsa*) and invited them to his establishment. When they tried his Tacos they replied that they were “Damn Good,” and the motto stuck to the Torchy Taco’s brand. Today, Torchy’s Tacos operates 30 stores and a food truck in Texas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.”

According to the official site “The first menu was filled more with experiments than meals. So whenever Mike heard his customers holler “damn these tacos are good!” they were added to the menu.”


I ordered a #2 Breakfast Taco which is potato, egg, and cheese as well as a #5 breakfast taco which is potato, pinto or black bean, and cheese.

On both you can decide the sauce and if you want a corn or flour tortilla. I did corn on one, and flour on the other. They actually did not ask me about the type of sauce I wanted. I did black beans on the #5 and added green chilies to both ($.25 extra per taco.)


My travel partner, got 2 #5s with pinto beans.


We both enjoyed our breakfast tacos, but overall I wouldn’t say it is a must visit. Next time I am in Texas I would prefer to check out some other taco joints and see what they have to offer. I personally have a high tolerance for spice and didn’t find them he least bit spicy. My travel partner didn’t use the sauce they gave him for his tacos and so I used his as well as mine. They had an okay flavor, but they were definitely fast food style and the shells were a bit wilted (I understand they are soft shell tacos, but they was a bit much). I feel they could have been stuffed a bit more as I do believe I could have easily eaten a 3rd. But then again, I do have an appetite.

I’d say if you have a few days and can check out multiple spots, sure, add Torchy’s to the list, but if you don’t have a lot of time, skip it and find something else.

But the price wasn’t bad. 4 tacos, 2 with added green chilies, 1 coffee, and 1 orange juice was a total of $16.16.



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