A Jet Set Lifestyle: The National Museum of Denmark

For so many Vikings coming from Denmark, you would think there would be a larger Viking age exhibit at he National Museum. But alas they are relegated to the same floor as the prehistoric age and there’s not much there.

In the museum guide it has a list of must seem items. There are some gold horns so I thought, “Yes! This I will see”but alas, they are just replicas. Mind you they are gold and a couple hundred years old, but they aren’t a thousand years old.

You’ll also find the remains of quite a few people which can be either interesting or creepy to see.

IMG_0768[1]-01IMG_0771[1]-01IMG_0779[1]-01 (1)

What I did find interesting and may be worth it enough to bring you here are the time stones. I’ve done much reading about rune stones but have yet to see one. Well they had a room full of them.

I’m not sure why it didn’t hit me until seeing them, but rune stones are very similar to today’s gravestones.

Other than that you can find a few weapons, musical instruments, etc from the Iron Age and such.

There’s a second floor that brings you up to speed with modern times in Denmark but I personally had a plan of going and learning more about the Vikings.

As for a museum set up I think Iceland’s National Museum has a better set up.

This was not my favorite museum.

If you really want  learn about the overall history of Denmark, sure, give it a shot.

Have you been to the museum? What do you think?


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