A Jet Set Lifestyle: Freetown – Christiania Denmark


Freetown is a hippie commune. Originally Freetown had been military barracks But when they became abandoned neighboring people began to use the area as a playground for their children. Eventually people moved in and began squatting. It wasn’t until 1994 that residents had to begin paying taxes.


There are quite a few entrances into freetown but there’s a main entrance and exit point. Many residents of Freetown do not want photos taken of even the entrance and exit ways. Knowing this I was waiting around for a clear moment to take a photo to not catch a resident and a man who looked like he was in his 40’s came out and yelled at me and told me to not wait around, to take a photo and to leave.


As for inside there you can wander around the streets and see the dilapidated houses but the area where everyone seems to want to go is where pot is sold freely.

Now I’ve never been an advocate of such things but I decided to take a quick walk down the street, mainly because it looked as if there were several restaurants and this lady needed to pee! TMI? Yeah, sorry about that.


Annnywaaay, as you are about to enter this area where pot is freely sold by just about every person standing along the both sides of the street street there are multiple signs saying no pictures can be taken.

When you get to end of this area you get to the main exit of Freetown where there is a sign that says “Now entering the EU.”

In this area you will find shops selling beverages, food, and various items made by residents of Freetown. Feel free to support local artists.



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