A Jet Set Lifestyle: Hamlet’s Castle

Hamlet. As in Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Yeah that guy. He has a castle in his home of Denmark. Sort of. Now we know Hamlet wasn’t real but there’s a lot of mystery surrounding Shakespeare. Things weren’t well documented and preserved then. A little ironic with him you know being a writer and all. Some of the things that Shakespeare supposedly wrote the world isn’t even sure if he did. And new research says there are a few things credited to that definitely were not written by him. Was Hamlet? Who knows.

Did Shakespeare ever visit Denmark? Who knows. If you do know please inform the rest of us.


The castle is actually called Kronborg Castle, not Elsinore. And King Frederick the II lived  there with his wife Sophia of Mecklenburg-Güstrow and their 8 children, not Hamlet. (Granted others lived there as well but while touring the castle you learn much about this particular family.


Inside the castle you can head through and see where the King Frederick II and Queen Sophia actually lived, worked, and entertained. I have been inside of Palaces before but never an actual castle so this was a treat.


The exhibit was so so. I would have hoped there would have been an exhibit dedicated to Hamlet but there wasn’t.

There is a tour a couple times a day of the dungeon or you can go on your own. There is also another tour that is a Hamlet tour but unfortunately there wasn’t a chance for me to go on that one due to the time I arrived. At the time of writing (2017) this tour is an extra 50DKK.

The King’s bedroom
Where the King worked

If you want to check out Hamlet’s Castle it’s a little over an hour outside of Copenhagen right on the water in Helsingør. There is a train from Copenhagen and then it’s less than a mile walk to the castle. You  can see the castle the whole walk.

Supposedly there’s a ferry that takes 15 minutes from port to port that brings you to Sweden. So if you really wanted to you could hop on over then say you’ve been to Sweden. I myself wanted to get back to Copenhagen.



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