A Jet Set Lifestyle: Granola – Copenhagen


Granola is a spot that’s popular with locals and tourists alike. I arrived and there was a wait, this is a good sign I thought. But looking back, I’m honestly not sure why.

I go in and there was a small table pushed in the corner where I was able to sit without a wait, okay great. However after sitting there for 10 minutes I walked up to the counter to ask if I were to order at the counter or if someone came to the table. A young woman said someone would come to the table so I went back to wait. It still took a few more minutes  before the same young woman came over to take my order.


I don’t completely blame her, she was in the weeds with too many tables, but management should not be greedy for all the money and bring on extra staff during brunch.

20 minutes later I have my food. I stare at it considering how much I just spent on this. I knew I’d quickly be hungry again, especially after waiting so long to eat to begin with. Maybe I’m just an overfed fat American.


2 minutes after that I finally get my orange juice which was over ice. I feel if the juice is cold (as it should be) there really is no need to have it over ice. Juices are expensive enough without loosing space due to the ice and who wants watered down juice  anyway? Maybe I’m in the minority on this one.

How did I entertain myself during the wait? I didn’t. They have no wi-fi.

Anyway, once my food finally arrived I ate quickly because once again I was so hungry.

It’s fine. But it’s not worth the money. I had hoped that because it was so small it would at least have been amazing, it wasn’t.


Do you want to know how long it took me to pay? Well not long because I walked up to the counter, I wasn’t about to stay any longer.

Do I recommend Granola? Definitely not.


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