A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Viking Ship Museum Roskilde, Denmark

I have previously been to The Viking Ship museum in Oslo, Norway so to learn that less than an hour away from Copenhagen there was a museum with 5 Viking ships I was pretty excited to say the least.

I hopped a train and headed off. It’s about a mile walk to the museum from the train station. But you go by a couple parks with benches so if you need to take a rest, like I did, you have some options.

I got to the museum and had a couple hours before it closed so I knew I had to be a little quick.

At the time I went they were selling tickets in the gift shop. After buying the tickets I wandered down to see the 5 ships, or more, what was left of them. So far from my knowledge and research it appears the best well preserved ship is the Gokstad in Oslo, Norway so of course I see that one first and everything else is a slight disappointment in comparison.


But this museum is well worth a visit. First off these ships are around 1,000 years old. You try keeping yourself together for that long. My makeup is usually streaked across my face before noon. But other than that, next to the ship remains they have small scale models of what the ships would look like if they were fully preserved.


They also have an outdoor area with a workshop. In the workshop they build life size replicas of the ships and they take people out on during the warmer months. You can go into the workshop and see ships being built right before your eyes.


The current ship they are working on (2017) they are allowing the general people to help build as well was having step by step plans and videos on the internet that people can follow their progress through and attempt to build their own.


Do I recommend this museum? Absolutely  !


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