A Jet Set Lifestyle: AirBnB fails.

For a long time I stayed at hostels, but as I get older I want more privacy, especially on this trip. So I’ve started renting AirBnBs in both the capacity of private places or just private rooms. On this trip it is a mixture of private rooms in both AirBnBs and hostels as well as hotels.

So far I’ve had my first bad AirBnB experience.

I’m not a big talker, especially when I first get up or I’m tired, I just like to be left alone, hence me not booking any shared rooms this time around.

Well I extensively read reviews of AirBnBs as well was the profiles of the hosts. The particular one I am speaking about the host specifically wrote that he mainly leaves guests alone, which I greatly liked reading.

I get there and he’s on his way out so I say bye and that’s the last I see of him.

Great right?


He has a co-host. I’ve never read a co-host profile before as I thought they were a friend that lived nearby and helped check in a guest or clean a room when a host was unavailable. Well, that’s not the case, at least not in this situation. He lived there. And for whatever reason our scheduled matched up and he was always there when I was there.

He would be in the living room or kitchen where I couldn’t see him. They had a couple of cats so I never knew who was rustling around but I’d come out of the room and he’d come out in the hall to talk to me for 20 minutes to an hour!

On one such night he talked to me for a half an hour after I got off an long  Hangouts call and was on my way to try to use the restroom. After I got to my room, ready for bed, I realized I needed more water.

I thought about going without, but I had to take my vitamins so I ventured out to get water and he then talked to me for another 20 mins I had wanted to be in bed almost an hour previous by this point.

On my final night I quickly run out of my room and cross the hall to the restroom and on my way back to my room he comes running out. I feel ambushed. I rub my eyes. He asks if I’m tired. I say yes. He asks if I leave tomorrow. I say yes at 5 in the morning. He then goes on for another 5-7 minutes.

Now, I’m not necessarily an unfriendly person, if I was I’d cut him off and not let him talk so long, but I’m also, as I said, not really a talker. So what should one do in such a situation? You don’t want to piss a host off, especially while still being there. You also don’t want a bad review. What does one do? Have you had a similar situation where you were uncomfortable in a place you stayed? How did you handle it?


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