A Jet Set Lifestyle: Meyers Bageri – Copenhagen


I am somewhat familiar to the man behind Meyers Bageri, Claus Meyer (who is also a founder of Copenhagen’s Michelin starred Noma), due again to Iceland. Meyer and Gunnar Gíslason, who is the chef behind Dill in Reykjavík, have partnered to bring the New Nordic food scene to New York City back in 2016.

A friend I made in Iceland in 2015 worked at Dill and told me about the spot in NYC that was opening. And sure enough spring 2016, Meyers basically took over Grand Central. There is the Nordic hot dog stand, then the Nordic Food Hall, and finally the pearl of the endeavor, Agern, a very posh spot to get the best of the best in New Nordic while in NYC each season, as the menu changes seasonally.  By the end of 2016 Agern has already received itself a Michelin star and earlier this year (Feb 2017) Dill became the first restaurant in Iceland to receive a Michelin star.

I think you get the picture, Meyers is kind of a big deal, and surrounds himself with other big deals. Now let’s get back on track.


Meyers Bageri has a location just 2 blocks from the Grød location I went to. So though I was full I thought it was a good idea to pick up a cinnamon swirl to have later.

I walked into the tiny little bakery and ordered a cinnamon swirl from the young woman working at the counter. She wrapped it up, I paid, and I was on my way!


Later that evening I decided it was time for a snack and I thought the cinnamon swirl would do just the trick.


Now mind you it was about 12 hours old (if not a bit older, but she did take it off a pan that was on an oven rack, so I doubt much older) by this point and now at room temperature but when I tell you I wish I bought another for the next day I mean it. They are not crunchy and flaky like American cinnamon twists, but they also are not doughy and overly sweet like American cinnamon rolls. Now I have quite a sweet tooth so perhaps people who have an aversion to sugar (who the heck are these people? Trust me, they exist, I’ve met their kind) would still find them “too sweet”. But if you like a good pastry, this should be on your list. I recommend!


Oh! If you can’t get over to Copenhagen, look what I stumbled upon on the internet!



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