A Jet Set Lifestyle: Grød- Copenhagen


In Copenhagen I took the bus to head over to Grød for breakfast. Grød is a place that serves sweet or savory porridge. In America we call porridge oatmeal and before my stay in Iceland last year, I had no idea oatmeal could be savory. An Italian girl who was my roommate and that I made friends with would often eat porridge and put things like tomato sauce in it. I had never seen such a thing.


But coming to Grød in Copenhagen I saw that it’s not just the Italians who go the savory route. Oatmeal and I aren’t best friends so I opted for the sweet route, something I was familiar with. I went with the”all in” which had all of the toppings.


I must say it was quite delicious. I didn’t mix it to much to start as I wanted to try each flavor separately but that unfortunately made for a lot of peanut butter at the end which was a bit over powering. Other than that, I must say Grød is definitely on my recommended list!




Some of the many take home options! )


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