A Jet Set Lifestyle: Canal Cruise Copenhagen


Bad idea.

Let me start off by saying I’ve never been one to like organized tours, whether they be walking, bus, or boat. (But the walking one in Napoli was an exception I did enjoy that walking tour.) Granted you can sometimes learn things you wouldn’t if you were on your own, but is it worth the hassle? No, I really don’t think so.

I bought the Copenhagen card and with it (another first, I often don’t bus city cards as I prefer to walk, but I knew I’d be taking a lot of metros and/or busses this trip.) I could get a canal tour for no extra cost. Since I was tired as I hadn’t slept much I thought it would be nice to sit on a boat and relax a bit.

It’s an indoor/outdoor boat. It says to kerphands inside the windows which could be opened but I thought that wouldn’t make for good photographs and leaving the windows closed would be worse. So I made my way to the outdoor area in back as people were sitting in front.

The boat speed was a lot quicker than I had expected, which makes it somewhat difficult to take photos. But another added thing? Even though the sun was shining and the weather was in the 50s in March, it’s still March and just in the 50s. On land after a cold winter 50 feels warm. On the water? Different story. Gloves make photo taking more difficult as well, so cold hands it is.

We went zipping by many sights such as the Royal Danish Theatre, Paper Island:


The Black Diamond, and a highlight The Little Mermaid where they did slow for a photo opportunity. Good thing she faces land and we’re on the water. We got a nice shot of her backside:


We did learn a couple interesting facts that hasn’t come up in my Google pre-research. Like the fact that the waste disposal plant (I believe that’s what she said) is one of the tallest buildings in Copenhagen and has a ski slope built on it:


Also that they salute the flag every sunrise and sunset but some people who reside nearby feel sunrise is too early and so “sunrise” is at 8 am each morning.


If you aren’t necessarily interested in going into The Black Diamond, The Royal Theatre, and other such buildings but want to see them a canal cruise might be a fine option for you. Would I pay the cost separately from the Copenhagen card and be happy with my decision to do so? Definitely not, but if you have the Copenhagen card and some time to kill, give it a shot.

Also, make sure you do sit and keep your hands inside the boat, some of the bridges you pass under are really short and narrow. I’m 5’6″ and I got worried about my head a couple of times while seated.


A couple other photos from the canal cruise:

They have a copy of the statue of David:


The church in the Christiania neighborhood of Copenhagen (In good weather you can head to the church and climb that spiral):


What’s left of the old royal palace after it burned down… twice:



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