A Jet Set Lifestyle: Flødeboller – Copenhagen

Or in English “chocolate covered marshmallow treats” at this point I’m not sure which is easier to say. Let me say these aren’t like stay puff marshmallows. These are soft, delicate, and don’t feel stale as you bite in.

Apparently flødeboller is a thing in Denmark. I did some research to figure out where to go. I picked two spots that were my first two destinations (after checking in to my AirBnB).


I went over to Magasin which is where the classic are supposed to be one of the best. I wanted to bring some home for family they had a box of 12 mini classics so I bought that. While there I definitely wanted to try one. So I got a regular sized one that was basically a classic but the chocolate was then covered in coconut flakes. This place was basically a food Hall with mainly just multiple chocolate stands. It was basically a chocolate lover’s paradise. Unfortunately, seating was limited so I had to have my first taste of flødeboller while standing.


This marshmallow was so fluffy it’s what I imagine biting into a cloud would be like. As I think back, I believe I had one in Norway last year, but from 7-11 which is not the idea place to try food for the first time. (Though I must say the 7-11s in Scandinavia are a step up from those I have seen in the states.) The marshmallow in Norway’s 7-11 was similar to the marshmallow I know in the states. So this one here was a lovely surprise.


After that I headed over to Lagkagehuset which is a bakery chain and tried another I read about. First off this one was gigantic! At least double the size of the full size one I bought at Magasin. This particular one was covered with hazelnut on the outside. It had a water bottom to try to help support it’s massive girth but in the end did little in that regard. Biting into it the marshmallow was similar to that at Magasin But getting to the center I found a sweet treat. Caramel! And sweet it was indeed. Too to all the sugar and it’s size I realized I probably shouldn’t be eating the entire thing, at least not after already having one though smaller at Magasin


In the end I think I liked the one from Magasin better. It was easier to handle due to size, it was less messy due to size, and it was less sweet due to size and no added caramel.

Everyone talks about Summerbird, but I actually did not try theirs. If you have, or if you’ve tried Flødeboller from Magasin, Lagkagehuset, or another I didn’t mention please do tell me your thoughts!


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