A Jet Set Lifestyle: Mount Bonnell – Austin, TX, USA

Mount Bonell is a hike in Austin that is fairly easy. If you take the path it could be a bit steep at points but they also have a route that is all stairs. The stairs can get tiring but it’s possible to break when necessary. Once you get to the top you get to an overlook of Lake Austin. For a few minutes you can forget you are in a city at all. Stephen and I headed up shot some photos and we’re back down in less than an hour. So it’s not a long Imb to the top by any means. It is a bit on the outskirts of Austin but still worth taking the time out to check out. As with an hike, even these short ones, inform someone of where you are going, bring a way to communicate for help, and drink/bring plenty of water. Below you can check out some photos from my hike.



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