A Jet Set Lifestyle: The Cake Boss – NYC

So Carlo is from Jersey. He got famous with his show The Cake Boss. He opened up a store front in Times Square New York City. The line is always really long. But today I had two hours to kill near Times Square and was in the mood for sweets. So I braved the crazy and headed over. All in all from getting in line to eating it was 20 minutes.

I’m sure many of you won’t take my word for it, but this place is not worth your time or money. I promise you, you have better things to do with both.

I got the chocolate hazelnut cupcake. The yellow cake was tasteless. The frosting was I think supposed to be chocolate but was bland and tasted like it was at least a day old. There was a dollop of a Nutulla style hazelnut spread in the center of the frosting and it was really the only taste of hazlenut thought the entire cupcake.

It cost $3.81 including tax, but even for that price, please skip it.


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