A Jet Set Lifestyle: Merriman Christmas House in Torrington, CT


Torrington is a small often overlooked town about 30 miles west of Hartford, CT. But one family, the Merriman have been transforming their house into a wondrous Christmas display for the last 35 years (As of 2016). You may have seen Christmas light displays before, but I don’t it’s hard to come by something quite like this, at least in the state of Connecticut on private property.


My aunt who we would visit every Christmas Eve during my childhood lives about 3 blocks away from this house, and so it was an annual pilgrimage to the Christmas House every year.

Not only will you see thousands of lights across his lawn and house, you will also hear Christmas music playing and see 100’s of animatronic displays on his lawn too. But that’s not all! If you get there during open house you can actually GO INSIDE THE HOUSE where you will find 100’s more animatronic dolls, trains, knick knacks and various other Christmas displays as you wind your way up and down the stair cases to each level of the house. (Please don’t those without the ability to walk will be unable to go inside as it is not handicapped accessible.)


On your way out you will be greeted by hot chocolate and a final donation box. All of this is free but donations are kindly accepted. By ready to possibly have to wait in line to enter the house, so dress warmly and since the house is on main street be careful with your children and car traffic.



The address is: 258 Main St, Torrington, CT USA

Hours(as of this writing Dec 2016): Inside from 6 pm to 9 pm. Outside: 6 pm to 11 pm


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