While going to the Golden Circle in Iceland you can easily visit Hellisheidarvirkjun, one of Iceland’s geothermal power plants.If you self drive the tour you can make a stop or if you take a guided tour some of the tour companies have the power plant as an extra added stop you can join. I myself stopped by when I did a self drive of The Golden Circle. A friend I made during my first trip to Iceland was a tour guide still during my second trip to Iceland. And so I met up with him and a couple girls from the hostel to take a private tour.


Our guide, my friend, discussed how the use of geothermal power started, the process as to how it’s used harnessed and used today, where the power comes from, and allowed up to poke our heads into the plant and view some movies for more information. As someone who’s always cared deeply about the environment I found it to be absolutely fascinating. Renewable energy sources are possible, Iceland is a wonderful example of this as they get almost all of their power from geothermal sources.


You may think visiting a power plant sounds boring, but I assure you, if you care even the smallest bit about what’s going to happen to our planet in the years to come, visit the power planet and have some hope again.



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