A Jet Set Lifestyle: Fram Museum – Oslo

The Fram Museum located in Olso, Norway is located near the Kon-Tiki Museum and the Norwegian Maritime Museum.  The Fram museum tells the story of Norwegian polar exploration with its main focus on three explorers: Fridtjof Nansen, Otto Sverdrup, and Roald Amundsen. The Fram Museum had some interactive areas for children and had more humor than I had found in other museums. To get through the entire museum I’d say leave yourself about an hour and a half to two hours, depending on how in depth you want to go with it. If you want to stay and watch some of the documentary clips that are played, give yourself another 30 mins to 1 hour. If you plan to see the Kon-Tiki or Norwegian Maritime Museum during your trip try to plan to do all 3 at once and they are literally across the street from one another. The Viking Ship museum is also just up the road and is another good option for the same day if one of those don’t strike your fancy. It is very easy to get to the area by bus from downtown Oslo as it is on the Bygdøy peninsula (technically still a part of Oslo.)



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