A Jet Set Lifestyle: The south coast to Vik, Iceland

Earlier this year I spent about a month in Iceland. Sadly it was not enough time for me to see the whole country, but I did get as far south as Vik. (Yeah, I know some people do that in their 4 day trips… whatever.)

Anyway, a girl I had met, Alina, and I rented a car and we drove on down. During the drive we stopped at a couple of the waterfalls along the way before making it down to the black sand beaches of Vik.

It was March and cold as heck. I’d love to see the waterfalls and the beach in the summer time. This will be another repeat trip (along with the Golden Circle) that I will have to do in the summer. I’d suggest you bring crampons, warm clothes, and extra clothes.

The spray from the waterfalls and by the beach can drench you and you may find it best to change. Along the route close to Vik there is an abandoned plane. I unfortunately was unable to see if, and they are thinking of closing the area due to vandalism. (This is why we can’t have nice things people.)


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