A Jet Set Lifestyle: My first time renting an AirBnB

Back in May 2013 when I took my first solo European adventure for a month I rented my place out on AirBNB. It wasn’t until February 2016 that I myself rented out an AirBnB. While in Norway a friend and I were crossing paths a bit so we decided to split an AirBnB. We rented a room and not a whole apartment. I know everything is very dependent on the hosts and on the guests but my experience went really well.

The people who lived in the apartment were two male friends who I believe were in their mid 20’s. The place was decorated in a very modern way but still had a bit of “bachelor pad” feel to it. But the bedroom was spotless and the bathroom was very clean. We went out to eat and to sight see a lot so I didn’t spend much time in the living room or kitchen. The kitchen seemed cleaned but used, and the living room appeared lived it, but not terribly messy.

The pictures were accurate, the description of the area and the apartment were accurate and our hosts made picking up the key and dropping off the key as easy as something like that can be. Our hosts made communication before hand and even before booking very easy and answered all of my questions without seeming to get annoyed.

If you have yet to try AirBnB I’d definitely say to give it a try. I tried in Oslo because all the hostels that were coming up for my available days were far from the city center and the hotels were extremely expensive. For the 5 nights I was there it was less than $300 USD total which was a steal in Oslo. (Remember I previously wrote about $50 tacos in Oslo?) If you are new and feel a bit uncomfortable make sure you read reviews and only stay with people that come highly recommended. Also, try staying with a friend as I did. Also, maybe you’d feel better renting out an entire place rather than just a room.

Have you stayed in an AirBnB before? What was your experience like?


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