A Jet Set Lifestyle: Saga Museum, Reykjavik, Iceland

The Saga Museum in Reykjavik, Iceland is a lot of fun. I’ve read some of the Sagas and to see the stories brought to life is helpful for a person like me who is a visual person, especially with names that are not traditional to my culture. At the Saga museum they’ve made wax figure depictions of the characters/historical figures of the sagas (think Madam Tussard’s style) and stylize an area for them. There for you to read is a brief synopsis of the saga that they are from. Here you can learn about the first settlers, when the plague hit Iceland, etc. For free you can get a little audio guide that gives you more information on each saga as well (They do have it in a few different languages). In the end there are viking wares to try on to take photos (I did this at another museum so I didn’t do it here as well), there is a gift shop, and a cafe. I read each and every sign and listened to each audio recording and I was out of there in less than 2 hours. There’s a nice bar/restaurant near by and you are right near the harbor.


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