A Jet Set Lifestyle: 4th of July 2016: New England Beach Road Trip

This 4th of July I decided it was time to get away and take a solo trip alone to some parts not to far away from me. I spend a lot of time making Connecticut my home base and so with 3 days off I hit the road on a mini road trip. I drove up to Hyannis, Cape Cod, and then drove down to Misquamicut, and ended at Ocean Beach in New London. 3 beaches in 24 hours, though you could take a bit more time and do it over 3 days.


I woke up on Saturday and hit the road without a plan. I used to spend summers there with my family as a child, but had not been in a long time so when I stopped for gas I did some quick research. The travel channel suggested Kalmus beach so I popped that in my GPS and I drove the 3 and a half hours up to Hyannis. There was a bit of traffic but was still able to make pretty incredible time.



I got up there in the mid afternoon and immediately pulled out my towel and sun screen and padded down to the sandy shores. It was a breezy day and it felt good on my skin. Though it was a bit cloudy it was still hot. The warm when I first dipped my toes in felt a bit cool but I quickly acclimated and found it to be warm. The beach itself gets 4.5 stars on Google reviews. I found it to be family friendly and not over crowded, even though it was 4th of July weekend. There is a snack bar and restrooms with running water! (Not porta pottys!) The restrooms do close at 4:30 PM however which can be a bit of a bummer.



When I got hungry I did some research for places to get dinner and I ended up choosing Baxter’s Fish & Chips. I went on over and grabbed a table as it fills up quickly and then got in line to order my food. I choose the summer sampler that came with a cup of New England Clam chowder, a slider lobster roll, a stuffed clam, and french fries. I spent a dollar to upgrade to a baked potato however. I was given a pager and then I went to the bar to grab a drink. I choose a beer from Barney’s (their summer beer) and then got my food when the pager went off. I wish they had ramekins to put the tater sauce in and I also wish they had given me a lemon. It was nice that the lobster wasn’t drenched in mayo however, some sort of light dressing would have been nice. Also, the celery mixed with the lobster turned me off. Plus, I wish the slider roll had been toasted. I think the calm was a bit over baked. I beer I enjoyed for awhile but about halfway through, was no longer interested in drinking it. Baxter’s is right on the water and you can see the ferry boats coming in to dock. At night Baxter’s Boathouse  takes over and it becomes a 21 plus bar with music. I might go back to Baxter’s at night, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must for foodies.



From there I went to Veteran’s Beach to watch the sunset. It was a magical sunset that I was thoroughly happy I was seeing. There were some families on the beach at the Yacht Club was just down the way but the colors in the sky were unbelievable. The little kids were chatty but everyone else really took in nature’s beauty.


From the same quick research I did I saw that the ice cream spot to go in the area was called Four Seas. They were open until 10p that time of the year on Saturdays. I showed up and the line was down the block. I was excited for what they had to offer. Though it was a long line it went rather quick as they did have a lot of people working there and most of the people in front of me were all in large parties which one person working took care of a whole party. I had wanted a small but went with a medium so I could try two flavors. I go to order and they tell me that only larges can have two flavors. I was on vacation so I said sure, fine, I’ll have a large then. I went with maple walnut and chocolate almond. Two of my favorites, and I often forget about chocolate almond as it’s not one that is widely available. The person there gave it to me in a cup, I myself like cones whenever possible so I was disappointed. He then didn’t even ask me if I wanted anything on it, so before I even took it I asked if I could have rainbow sprinkles and he said that they don’t have any sprinkles. So now it’s is two sizes larger than I wanted, it is in a cup instead of a cone and there are no sprinkles. I take it, I do leave a tip, and then head back outside of the small shack like structure to eat. I try the chocolate almond and on first bite I was overwhelmed. It tastes as if it had been sitting in there for a few months. The texture is off and it’s just not good. I try another bite and realize no there’s no saving it. I am not one to waste food, especially food I pay for, but it was so bad I scraped it off the top right onto the ground and went on to trying the maple walnut. The maple walnut was fine. But that’s just it, it was fine. It tasted like anything I could get at a supermarket. I’m not sure why the Travel Channel would suggest this place, but I say stay away.


Sometime after 11 I decided I would head on down to Misquamicut. With making some stops and taking a drive down to check out the beach area in Misquamicut I got done with everything at 1:45a Sunday.

1:45a SUNDAY

I checked the time for sunrise, It was close to 5:20 AM, which meant it would start getting light around 4:30a – 4:45a. (I’ve done a lot of night shoots outside I know the time they give isn’t the time sunrise begins.) I realized if I rented a room I’d probably not wake up for sunrise, so I parked over in the 24 hour Walmart parking lot (yay bathrooms!) in a shaded area grabbed my full size blanket and towel from the trunk and climbed on into the backseat. The temperature was in the 60’s and the humidity was non-existent. It was basically a perfect time to sleep in your car if you were going to do such a thing. I don’t necessarily suggest it due to safety concerns but know yourself, your area, and the area you are in and make an educated decision for yourself. Again, I am not telling you to sleep in your car, always take safety seriously and make it your first concern.

4:30a SUNDAY


My alarm went off and I climbed into the front scene and drove out to the beach front. There’s a ton of bars (which were closed for the night) and hotels/motels which for 4th of of July weekend were probably fulled booked. So, this caused problems for parking as the bars all had ropes across there lots that didn’t allow for public parking. I drove up and down the strip and noticed a rope down in one area. I knew I’d be there for about 45 minutes and decided let’s park. I did, I got out and walked to the beach. For as far as I could see left or right on the entire stretch I was the only person on the beach. It was so calming and relaxing to have the entire place to myself to watch the beauty of the world.

5:30a SUNDAY

After sunrise I walked back to my car, noticed the sign that said non customers would be towed, was glad the whole town was basically asleep and got back in my car. I could have napped and went to Misquamicut later in the day, but I wasn’t tired. So I decided to move on from Misquamicut and drive down to Ocean Beach in New London, CT.  Before my drive though I went over to Watch Hill to sit by the marina for a bit and check out the boats there.

6:30a SUNDAY


I hadn’t been to Ocean Beach since I was a child and I remember it being a lot of fun. But a lot of times I don’t stay on an actual beach for more than an hour / hour and a half at a time. So driving out to these beaches doesn’t seem worth it. But having to pass by on the way home? Definitely worth it. There is a $23 parking fee (at the time of writing) and a $6 fee if you don’t have your car and enter on foot. I decided to drive around and I found a neighborhood just outside of the no public parking area and walked over. The walk was less than a mile and I just had me, my sunscreen, and a towel. (I carry more than that on me any day in NYC for much greater distances and time frames.) I get to the on foot entrance area and notice that an attendant doesn’t come until 8a, it’s not even 7 a yet so I walked right in for free.


There were just a couple people on the beach at this point but it was rather empty and so I had my pick of the area. I set myself up, got my sunscreen on, set my alarm and laid back. I set alarms in either 20 or 30 minute intervals( depending on how hot it is) to remind myself to turn. I was only going to stay for an hour or so, but ended up falling asleep (I only had a 3 hour nap in my car!) and staying at the beach until after 9 am. Luckily the sun raze aren’t too strong at that time so I didn’t burn. At this point the beach was filling up and lifeguards were stationed all over. I could see the Boardwalk coming alive with the pool, mini golf, watersides, etc all getting ready to open for the day.


I myself was getting hungry. I did a quick Yelp search and headed off in search for food. I headed to Broken Yolk Cafe and after finding parking a block away walked over there for a little after 10a. The reviews said there was always a wait to get your food so have time but it w is worth the wait. I went on in and took a seat at the counter. It is a small place with both indoor and outdoor seating. A server came over right away and took my order. My water had black things floating around in the bottom of the cup. One review said the hash was to die for so I ordered that with a couple of eggs over easy.

11:00a SUNDAY


The food finally came. That was quite a wait. I didn’t order anything crazy intensive, so I thought it might take less time, I was wrong, each order is taken in order as there is only 1 person working. The cash had large chunks of corned beef in it so that was a plus but the potatoes were chunks of potatoes and were shredded potatoes, so that disappointed me. The eggs were fine. The OJ was from one of those Minute Maid machines and was very watery. I don’t suggest a visit there. I did not think it was worth the wait by any means.

11:30a SUNDAY

I was getting tired and I decided it was time for me to head home. I thought about stopping by Mystik Village but I had no room in my tummy for a chocolate covered frozen banana or friend dough. (The food at Broken Yolk was so so but it was filling.) I also didn’t feel like hanging with all the drunky drunks at the Liquid Sundays pool party over at Foxwoods and again, still no room in my tummy for food so Margaritaville at Mohegan Sun was out as well. So I decided home and got back an hour later happy with all I accomplished in a 24 hour period.


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