A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part VIII: Fight Week – UFC 199

UFC 199 Fights


After all the fun had during the previews 3 days it was finally time for the UFC fights! I was able to get inside and two my seats by the time the 2nd of the Fight pass under card fights were underway. With flying across the country to see my favorite fighter fight I knew I had to pony up the money for incredible seats. $1,205 dollars later I was in the front row with only 3 rows of media in front of me and surround by other UFC fighters that were on on the night’s card. I had a ringside view of all of the action. At times I had to use the jumbo trons around the area to see the action as it wasn’t always easy to see everything from my vantage point as the octagon was slightly higher than me (think a stage) and when they would take it to the ground at the far end (from my seats) I couldn’t exactly see what was going on. For me being a MMA fan for almost 10 years was the price worth it? Yes. Would I suggest it for everyone? No. You really would need to be a super fan for it to be worth it.


I will not share with you a post I made on my personal FB page that night upon my return home when I finally completely fan girled out:

I had front row seats for the fight with just media in front of me and sat among UFC fighters. Paul Felder was next to me. Wilson Reis was 4 people over. Johnny Case 5 people over. Swanson was 6 people away, Benevades was 7 people away. I was in the row in front of Corey Anderson. Jeremy Stevens was a row away. I very well could have seen Faber’s last fight and saw Bisping finally get his due. After being a fan of the sport and Faber since 07 and the WEC days, I couldn’t imagine for a better night. I mean besides a Faber win… but that’s a given.


And PS: For all you NON FIGHT Fans out there, there’s just 1 blog posting left about the UFC fights before we go back to our regular scheduled programming on 07/10/16 :).


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