A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part VII: Fight Week – Fan Village


Fan Village is a lot of fun.  There’s sponsor tents for set up by the various UFC sponsors such as Toyo Tires, Harley Davidson, Monster Energy Drink, etc, so there is some free stuff given away. But that’s mainly kept to koozis and then contents for grand prizes. But the great thing about Fan Village is that a lot of current and former UFC fighters as well as octagon girls are there signing autographs for free. I suggest you check out who is there and when and make an action plan of who you want to see. The lines can be really long as you may not get to see everyone, especially those that are there for just an hour. I was lucky and got to see all of the fighters, as well as Cody No Love and The Iceman who made surprise appearances. The line to get in at the start of the day wasn’t as long as I expected, but it was a bit long, and so again I suggest getting there early and be prepared for long lines. So take water and sunscreen with you. Make sure your phone/camera is charged up.


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