A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part V: Fight Week – FAN Q&A



On Friday the 3rd day of fight week it was back to The Forum for the fan Q&A session. For this we had Mike Goldberg hosting the session with Demetrius Johnson there as the special guest. For this event I got there about 30 minutes later than the day before and there were about 4 people there in front of me. However, they had 3 different lines made for security so I was one the front of one of those lines. I didn’t quite make it to the front row this time however, but I did get to the 3rd row which wasn’t terrible. For this event press was allowed into the event but it was the fans that got to ask the questions. There were two mics set up, on in the left aisle and one in the right aisle and fans had a chance to take turns asking Mighty Mouse a questions. DJ was a really nice guy, relaxed, down to earth, but very animated. If you have a chance to see a fan Q&A with him at some point I would suggest it. Either way, it was a fun way for fans to get involved and feel like they could get their questions answered.



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