A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part IV: Fight Week – Press Conference



On the 2nd day of fight week it was time for the press conference. Since the line was so long at the gym I decided to show up early for the press conference to hopefully be up close. The conference was supposed to be at 1 PM and so I showed up at about 10:30 AM. I went around to ask for info as to where the public would be let in, at what time, etc. I was the first to arrive. It wasn’t until about an hour later when a couple more people started trickling in and then not until noon when there was even a group of people. As they let us in more and more people began to actually show up and there was a nice sized crowd for once the conference began.

Dominick Cruz

From my left sat the two champs, Dana White stood at the podium in the middle and then the challengers were to my right. The Dominic Cruz Vs Urijah Faber rivalry has been going on for over a decade while the Luke Rockhold Vs Michael Bisping one has been going on for a little more than half a decade (at the time of writing 2016).

Luke Rockhold

The tension was strong from the start. The 5 people on stage somehow found a way to heat things up even more as they began taking questions from the media. The rivals began cutting each other off while answering questions, hurling  insults, and throwing worded jabs as quick and as frequent as their hooks and jabs in the octagon.

Michael Bisping

When it was all said and done and the event was over I felt that my excitement for Saturday’s fights had risen. The press conference, at least in person, had done it’s job.

Urijah Faber
Dana White

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