A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part III: Fight Week – Open Workouts


I arrived at LAX and immediately called a Lyft to take me down to Torrance, California to the UFC gym there were the open workouts would be happening. I packed in just a carry on so I could head down without waiting for luggage or having to bring a lot with me to the gym. The workouts were to begin at 12:30p according to everything online. My Lyft dropped me off at 12:37p and there was a line going down the entire length of the building. This wasn’t looking good. I asked someone to hold my place in line as I went up to the front to ask some questions. Apparently if you have a UFC Gym Membership you could go right in, otherwise you needed to wait. I don’t think they actually started letting people (without memberships) into the gym until after 1p.

I get inside and everyone is circling the octagon I come over and find a place there to set myself up for the next couple of hours. The first one to step into the Octagon is Dominick Cruz. With each of the fighters they come out one by one do some shadow boxing, bring in a trainer and hit some pads, and some do some grappling. There would be a long lag in between fighters coming out (about 20 minutes on average) and then they would be in the octagon for 10 – 15 minutes. After Cruz was Bisping, then Faber, and finally Rockhold. I’m not really sure what I was expecting from the open workouts but it wasn’t that. I did however get a selfie with Uriah and then my phone froze and I lost said snapchat selfie. My new mission for the weekend was to get another photo with Urijah.

After the workouts I took a Lyft to my AirBnB and realized there isn’t much to do in Inglewood and though I was exhausted I’d be heading out to Hollywood for dinner. I’ll discuss the restaurants I went to in a future post, for now I’ll keep it on the UFC.

I apologize for the poor photo quality:


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