A Jet Set Lifestyle: A Live UFC Event: Part II: Travel Planning

Once I decided I was going to go to Inglewood for UFC 199 it was about planning. I knew the first thing was that if I was flying out there for the fights I didn’t want to miss fight week. So I took a look at previous fight week schedules to see when fight week actually began for the public as I knew it wasn’t a full week. Most began on Wednesday or Thursday, so I knew I wanted to fly in to be there in time for Wednesday’s possible events.

I also knew I wanted to do was get a good deal on a flight. So, I hopped on skyscanner to check out flights. I was able to get one from JFK in NY to LAX in LA on Virgin America for about $150. I then found one on JetBlue for about $163 to head home through the same airports. I booked directly through their websites and not through skyscanner.

From there I had to find accommodation. I have spent a ton of time in LA, but I knew I was not going to be renting a car. So I checked out my usual areas of LA and how far they were from Inglewood. I typed in addresses in Lyft to get quotes and typed in addresses on Google maps to check public transportation. It appeared staying in my normal stopping grounds was just not beneficial. So I decided I would stay in Inglewood near The Forum. Hostels didn’t seem to be an option and so I went onto AirBnB. I wrote to a gentleman that has a bunch of stars and good reviews, we talked and I asked how far he was from The Forum, he was 1.9 miles, and so I decided to book a room there. That was around $243.

The final piece of the puzzle was an actual ticket to the fight. I kept watching ticketmaster each day to take make sure it wasn’t selling out. But I knew that I wanted to save up as much as I could to get as close as I could. About a week and a half before I was still looking at the same to sections and I realized from one day to the next the entire row in one of the sections I was looking at sold out so I knew it was time to buy. Now you know I am all about deals and so when I say how much I spent, let me tell you I’ve gone to Europe for weeks and not spent as much as I spent on this ticket to this fight. But it was my first one, I was flying across the country, and it was to see Faber take on Cruz in the trilogy. Faber basically being the one that got me into the sport so long ago. So I bit the bullet and paid $1,205.

From there all I had to do was decide how I was getting to and from the airports. I researched parking at JFK online as I was working an overnight on set the night before and would already be in Brooklyn. I found a spot with good ratings and a free shuttle to the airport. So I went onto the app ParkWhiz to see if I could get a deal. I was able to get parking for about $43 dollars from Wed at 6 AM – Monday at 4 PM.

Then I decided I would Lyft around LA if I couldn’t walk or take the bus easily enough.

Next week we’ll talk about Fight Week!



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