A Jet Set Lifestyle: Viking Ship Museum – Oslo

The Viking Ship Museum located in Oslo, Norway, (outside of the city center) not far from the Kon-Tiki Museum, houses archaeological finds from Tune, Gokstad (Sandefjord), Oseberg (Tønsberg) and the Borre mound cemetery. On display you will find beds, a horse cart, wood carvings, among other items. But the items people most marvel at are the Oseberg ship, Gokstad ship and Tune ship. The Oseberg ship was found almost completely intact thanks to the type of clay it was buried in that preserved the wood for hundreds of years.


Upon the writing of this (May 2016) they have been 3-D imagining the items in the museum to preserve the information for generations to come.

I suggest you take a guided tour of the museum (I usually enjoy going to museums solo) but I took a guided tour through part of the museum and to learn about the history of the ships through 20th century is pretty fascinating. Norway played a part in World War II and to learn what happened to Norway during the war, left me with a heavy heart. My school system didn’t do a lot to teach us much from 20th century history and the little we got basically didn’t cover areas outside the US or mainland Europe. But I find learning to be a very important tool  to become a well-rounded human being. So if your school system was as bad as mine I suggest reading up on Hilter’s occupation. I’m done and will get off my soapbox now. Back to the ships.


I thought the Oseberg ship was beautiful. I cannot believe it was buried in 834 and was found practically whole in 1904. If you go to Oslo and don’t go to this museum you are sorely missing out. You can see replicas of some of these ships elsewhere in the world but to see the actual ships right there in front of you with your own eyes I still can’t wrap my head around the fact they are over 1,000 years old.



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