A Jet Set Lifestyle: Local foods Part IV Meat Soup – Reykjavik, Iceland

We all know how much I love those hot dogs from Iceland. But apparently Icelanders make this thing called meat soup that is supposedly bomb as well. One day when I was in town and starving and not sure I’d be able to make the 45 minute walk home before I passed out from hunger pains and I decided it was time to try the meat soup. I didn’t have much time to research (again, hungry!), so I ended up going to a place close by, The Old Iceland Restaurant. (Upon further research I learned the best meat soup is from Cafe Loki, so I guess I’ll need to give that a shot next time I’m in the area.)


The Old Iceland Restaurant I got to about 15 minutes before it opened so I went into one of the shops across the street to hang out until 5. I went over when they opened for dinner service and there were already a few tables seated in the small restaurant and more with reserved signs. I was luckily able to get a table as some more groups came in after me and soon people were being turned away at the door. I looked at the menu in the charming restaurant space though I knew what I would be ordering.

Now I’m one that cooks and so I know the difference between a soup and a stew, but for whatever reason in my head I thought the soup with have a stew consistency to it. It did not. It had a soup consistency as the name would suggest. My bad. The soup seemed simple enough with chunks of potatoes, carrots and lamb meat, as well as herbs. I enjoyed my soup, the server was a lovely young woman, and the restaurant was quaint. If you wanted to go I’d suggest you make a reservation.


Would I go back for the meat soup? Probably not. Again, it was good, but not outstanding. I’ll try Cafe Loki next time. Would I give the restaurant another shot at another dish? Yes. Have you been to the Old Iceland Restaurant? Have you tried the meat soup there, at Cafe Loki, or elsewhere in Iceland?  What are your thoughts?


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