A Jet Set Lifestyle: My Favorite Spots Part IV -La Botticella – Rome

As much as I love the art sand travel I equally love sports (Yankees, Steelers, & Penn State Nittany Lions). So when I realized I was going to be in Italy during the first game of the Penn State Season and the start of the NFL season it was time to plan (Sept 2015). In Milano I couldn’t find a bar that would have the Nittany Lion’s game on, so I stayed in and used the wi-fi to listen to the game online. But it Roma a friend of mine let me know that there is actually a Steelers Bar in Roma! Forget #SteelersNation, it’s #SteelersWorld! La Botticella is a lil slice of The Burgh waay over in Italy.


La Botticella is just a few minutes walk from Piazza Navona and even though the game wasn’t going to start until 8 PM EST he said he would be airing the game. So I went back about 1 AM to get myself ready. There were about 10 or 11 other people there who were all from the great state of Pennsylvania and all rooting for a Steelers Victory. Unfortunately we lots the game but I gained a wonderful experience with seeing how something as simple as being a fan of a football team can make you new friends instantly. They may not be friends you stay in touch with forever, but they are travel friends, ships passing in the night that you can converse with in those moments and really appreciate one another’s company.

Giovanni Poggi, the owner of the bar is an Italian who was born in Canada and then later moved back to Italy. But he grew up during the 70’s when Terry Bradshaw and the Steelers were on a tear. He transformed his bar into a “Steelers Bar” a few years ago (At time of writing 2016). There is all sorts of great items to check out and he even sells terrible towels but a special Roma styled one. He has pennant flags up for various colleges and universities throughout the states, but my favorite is a Penn State flag with numerous signatures on it from proud Lions.


Steelers fans, Penn State fans, college football fans, NFL football fans, if you’re in Roma check La Botticella out!

Via di Tor Millina

Rome, Italy



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