A Jet Set Lifestyle: Travel Must Haves Part III – Adapter / Converter

If you are leaving your home country / continent you are likely to need a adapter for your electronic devices. And in the cases of certain electronics (such as hair dryers, straightening irons, etc.) you may need a converter as well. Luckily there are combo adapters and converters that all come together in one nifty cumbersome block. But hey, you want a charged phone, camera, and straightened hair right? My favorite ones have adapters for every type of outlet you can come across on planet earth.

For Americans, the company Travel Smart makes a converter/adapter combo. It has a setting to change the plug for the outlet to make it usable in the UK, Europe, or US/Australia and it converts the European electricity of 220/240V to US electricity of 110/120V to keep your small American appliances safe overseas.

If you are just looking for an adapter and don’t need a converter (for most cameras, cell phones, and computers now a days you do not need a converter) you can check out Travel Smart’s All in One with USB port. You can plug in 3 items in a traditional way plus a fourth with a USB port. It’s a life saver when you’ve got a laptop, a phone, and cell phone, and an extra battery pack with you.


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