A Jet Set Lifestyle: My Favorite Spots Part III- La Tortue – Saint Raphael, France

Back in 2013 I was in Cannes for the Cannes Film Festival. If you weren’t aware I work in film and TV as well, that is until my blog takes off and it takes me all over the world as my full time job. Anyway, acting comes with some nice perks, like going to Cannes. The festival is long and can be a grueling and hectic schedules. So sometimes you just need to take a day off from the festival and explore your gorgeous surrounding.

On one such occasion I took a drive westward along the coast and saw the coastline shift to that of some beautiful red rocks as I made my way to Saint Raphael. In a previous post I spoke about Saint Tropez, and how ever loves it there, but my heart belongs to Saint Raphael between the two.  A big part of that choice comes because of Plage de la Tortue. If you’ve forgotten or aren’t up to date, Plage is French for Beach.


I myself did not get a chance to spend much time at the beach but I did enjoy the restaurant by the same name La Tortue, located at the beach. If you can I whole heartily suggest you sit by the beach and get there for sunset. It is a magical experience and probably my favorite part of my 2.5 weeks along the Cote D’Azur. It can get cold so bring a sweater or ask for a blanket (they have blankets!) Because trust me you want to be outside during sunset! And you don’t want people’s heads blocking your view.


Grab a bottle of wine and order off of their fantastic menu. I myself got the catch up the day, the sea bass. I asked for them to filet it as I didn’t want it served to me with the head and eyes. As much as I love fish, it’s difficult for me to eat if I’m my food is staring back at me with it’s dead eyes. So my fish came sans head. It did however come with a side of rice and veggies. One of my favorite things was the stuffed tomato. Seriously. Besides the headless fish. Yess tomato. It was followed by a creme brulee and all washed down nicely with a bottle of wine.

If you find yourself anywhere near St. Raphael please do yourself a favor and check out Plage de la Tortue located at.

2452 Route de la Corniche,

83700 Saint-Raphaël, France



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