A Jet Set Lifestyle: My Favorite Spots Part I- Caffè Matteo – Corniglia, Italy

Caffè Matteo has easily become one of my favorite spots in Cinque Terre. Both times I stayed in Cinque Terre I stayed in Corniglia.

Corniglia is in the middle of Cinque Terre with two villages on either side. It is technically a comune of Vernazza.  Corniglia is the only one of the five villages that is not accessible by boat. To reach Corniglia you can climb the 382 steps, or you can take the road which is usually only taken by automobiles (There is a shuttle that runs from the train to the square during the day). I personally love Corniglia the best as it is not overrun by tourists at night. There are a few hotels and bed and breakfasts options, and only one hostel. With the dark stairs and the long uphill dark road as the two options to reach Corniglia many tourist don’t come from the other villages at night. The bells ring every hour on the hour and a rooster crows in the AM. The bells ring for about a minute at 7 AM and this is usually when I wake up and head to Caffè Matteo.

At Caffè Matteo I visit Riccardo, the owner of the caffè. Every morning I start my day by ordering a cappuccino and a pastry.  I catch up with Riccardo, chat about my plans for the day, and enjoy the relaxing time in Corniglia before the tourists come.

My favorite thing about heading to Caffè Matteo each morning isn’t necessarily the breakfast (though it is good) it’s about the friendship. Riccardo is welcoming, friendly, and I’ve never seen him without a smile on his face. The price point is right and there is free wi-fi if you just ask for the password. You can find lunch and dinner options at Caffè Matteo as well. And if you are there for lunch or dinner I suggest you order a glass of Riccardo’s wine as he as a vineyard and makes his own.


If you are in Cinque Terre you can stop by Caffè Matteo which is located at:

Via Fieschi 157


Source for information on Corniglia: Wikipedia


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