I fell in love in Iceland


I fell in love in Iceland.  Not in the way I fell in love in Italy.  In Italy, from the moment I arrived I felt like I had come home.  And with home, you love it, but there are things you also hate about it.  It’s crazy and chaotic, but you really wouldn’t have it any other way.  Because despite the crazy, you still know what to expect.

Iceland on the other hand.  Oh Iceland, you are that mysterious creature that was a couple years older than me.  You are the exotic one that was captivating and alluring with your beautiful looks. You are who everyone wonders about and wants to get a chance at experiencing themselves.

And I got to experience you.  And you were magical.  You were everything I could have wished for.  You made dreams come true.  But you have a harsh, cold side that many don’t see.  And I don’t want others to see.  Because I want others to keep wanting you so that I can feel special that I had you.  And despite your cold side, the moments where you let yourself shine are enough to keep me wanting you every day.

Iceland, I am in love.


4 thoughts on “I fell in love in Iceland

    1. Yes you definitely should! I will be going back in February for a more extended stay and will hopefully go back over the summer to see the longest daylight day of the year there.


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