A Jet Set Lifestyle: Must Sees Part II – Fontana di Trevi – Rome

I’ve mentioned in my first Must See post about my feelings on sculpture.  The Fontana di Trevi doesn’t feel like any fountain I had seen before.  I’m used to the ones in malls and parks and even though Buckingham Fountain in Chicago and Bethesda Fountain in New York City are both pretty, they are nothing compared to the Fontana di Trevi.



As I followed the signs to get to the Fontana di Trevi I never expected to see and feel what I was about to. The sounds of the street and even the people around me began to get drowned out by the sound of rushing water.  I followed the sounds of water and when I took in the fountain for the very first time I couldn’t breathe.  It is the most breathtaking fountain I had ever seen.  It towers above you in such splendor that any photo I’ve taken doesn’t do it justice.  To hear the water pouring over it, I feel like I was at a great waterfall.  The sculpture of the fountain is like nothing I had seen before.


Unfortunately  due to time I have not seen it light up at night, but those photos I have seen from others, I can only imagine.  If it’s anything like the Eiffel Tower in that way I suggest seeing it during the day first, then go back at night to see it lit up.  The did the Eiffel Tower in the opposite way (night first, day second) and it had lost some splendor during the day after first glimpsing it at night.


I was unable to re-visit it this past summer (summer 2015) due to renovations, but I’ve heard as of this fall (fall 2015) it is re-open so please if you go to Roma you must see this.


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