A Jet Set Lifestyle: Must Sees Part I- The David – Florence

I’ve been an art fan my whole life.  But sculpture was never something I was huge on.  That changed in 2013.In May of 2013 I went to Florence for the first time and I knew being in Florence there were some things I had to go and see.  But I wondered if afterwards it would be worth it.  I can tell you the Statue of David by Michelangelo is worth it.  You can find the statue at the Accademia which is one of those museums I’ve previously discussed buying admission to before hand. As I walked down the hall of the Accademia I was greeted by statues on both sides of me.  They were impressive, but none of as what stood at the end of the hall.  David towered over me by a staggering 11 and a half feet.  (I’m 5’5″, he’s just about 17 feet… that would make for an awkward relationship, good thing he’s just a statue!)  But even though David is just a statue he is breathtaking.  I cannot wrap my brain about how one goes about taking a solid slab of stone that is more than 3 times my size and transforming it into the most exquisite replica of a human being I had ever seen.   And if you are unfamiliar with the process of sculpture check out this YouTube video that gives you an idea of how sculpting is done.  But back in the 1500’s Michelangelo is not have a You Tube video to watch and learn from. Michelangelo was one of the great Renaissance artists who created this masterpiece among so many others. To me, The David is one of his greatest achievements.  It has transformed me into a lover of sculpture.  So, as for must sees, if you haven’t yet add The David to your list.

Have you visited the David?  What were your thoughts?  Opinions?  Do you think it was worth the wait and/or admission?

Here is The David from my first meeting with him, it was love at first sight.



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