A Jet Set Lifestyle: Local foods Part II Limoncello – Amalfi Coast, Italy

Limoncello is an Italian liquor that is served chilled and is used as a digestive after meals. Limoncello is made throughout Italy but the best limoncello comes from southern Italy. The soil in southern Italy is different from northern Italy and that along with the sun and the water in southern Italy makes for a perfect combination to grow the best lemons. And the best products come from the best ingredients.

You can get limoncello made with milk instead of simple syrup and it is less alcoholic and creamier. This is called Crema di Limoncello and I personally enjoy it more. Limoncello can be a bit strong for my taste, but Creme di Limoncello cuts down on the alcohol content making it easier for me to enjoy.

If you are interested in making your own limoncello I’ve included a link to a limoncello recipe. One of my favorite cooking series is David Rocco’s Amalfi getaway in in an episode they give a recipe for limoncello. That is the recipe I have linked here.

If you are unfamiliar, Amalfi is in southern Italy. I have seen lemons the size of my head being sold at stands along the twisty road of the Amalfi coast.

But if you’re headed to Italy, I say make a stop in Sorrento and pick up your limoncello there.

Limoncello Recipe


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