A Jet Set Lifestyle: St. Tropez- Is it worth the hype?

Many people love St. Tropez. Before I went I heard from multiple people “You must go to Saint Tropez!” So, on my second visit to the Cote D-Azur region I went to Saint Tropez. After driving out to Saint Tropez, and walking around for a little bit I thought, “Why did I come to Saint Tropez?” Sure it has the glitz and the glamour that it is known for. But pretty much the entire riviera has glitz and glamour. I suppose a lot of Saint Tropez’s allure might come from who you may run into in Saint Tropez as many a celebrity has come to love Saint Tropez. And if you’re out there on the riviera when I usually am that means the Cannes Film Festival, the Saint Tropez Film Festival, and the Monaco Formula 1 race are all happening. So, there are definitely opportunities to catch a celebrity or two.

But myself I am there (in my free time, not while at a festival) to relax and enjoy a good meal and a nice beach. And for the drive I took from Nice it wasn’t worth it for me. From Nice it’s about an hour drive (without traffic) but I myself hit a lot of traffic on my way back to Nice. Luckily I had an escort and I slept the ride back to Nice.

If you want my opinion skip Saint Tropez and head to Saint-Raphaël instead. It’s quieter, I think more beautiful, on the train line (more accessible!), and still has beaches, and amazing restaurants, and cute shops. If you do drive and take the coastal route you can see the rocks change from the dark rocks closer to Nice to the red rocks that are along the Western side of the French Riviera. Granted you can see that going further to Saint Tropez, but this is about 20 minutes closer.

Below you can see some photos from my trip to Saint Tropez. It is beautiful, but unless you’re planning on spending a couple days on the west side of the Riviera I wouldn’t say “You have to go to Saint Tropez!” If you’re looking to have a similar experience, sans possible celebrity sightings, but at a more reasonable budget Saint-Raphaël is for you. Remember, I’m all about the experience without breaking the bank.

Have you been to Saint Tropez and/or Saint-Raphaël? What are your thoughts?





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