A Jet Set Lifestyle: Buying museum admission ahead of time in Italy

If you haven’t noticed, I love Italy. I am planning on seeing as much of the world as I can, but my Father is full blooded Italian, so I have a sort of affinity for Italy. And so when I find myself in Europe I can’t seem to help but take a stopover in Italy.

In an earlier post I mentioned how I was a theatre geek, that’s really not true. I’m actually a lover of art, many different forms of artful expression. During my first trip to Italy I realized that I could add sculpture to that growing list of artful expressions that I enjoy.

If you haven’t been to Florence I highly suggest it. It is beautiful, it is full of art, and full of life. And if you’re a steak eater, there’s no better than a florentine bistecca.

But, we’re talking about museum admission here. If you’re unfamiliar with the artwork in Florence, first do a google search on that please. But if you’re lazy and you don’t want to, I have two suggestions for you.

1. The David by Michelangelo which is in the Accademia
2. The Uffizi museum. Seriously, the museum is brimming with more art then I can I put in this post and still make it something people will want to put in the time to fully read.

If you’ve been reading all of my blogs, you know I am a heavy duty planner. So, when I was researching these museums and I saw that you could buy tickets online ahead of time. I thought, well that could be useful. But, I myself thought, how bad can the line really be? I lived in NYC for 10 years on and off and I could walk up to any one of the many museums in the city and not have to wait more than a 30 minutes on any given day. (Usually no more than a few minutes) So, despite all my heavy planning I thought I’d allow myself some leeway, as a particular time was printed on tickets bought ahead of time and I wasn’t sure how long I’d need in each museum.

Usually I’m one for seeing the architecture in a city and don’t spend much time inside. In Florence you can find art everywhere, inside, outside, paid, and free, so if you really wanted to, you could get a very culturally rich experience in Florence without stepping foot into a paid museum. But if you did that, you’s miss The David which is one of two of my favorite artworks of all time. The David is massive, and simply perfection. Photographs do not do it justice.

And so, I showed up in Florence and walked myself down to the Accademia, ticket not in hand. And I very quickly saw the line. I waited 1 hour and 45 minutes to get into the Accademia. There were people outside selling admission so you could jump to the front of the line, however being alone in a foreign country I wasn’t sure if they were legitimate or not. I cursed myself for not buying ahead. Granted once I saw The David I thought my trip was worth it, but, I was also disappointed in how much time I lost while waiting in line. Plus, after standing in the hot sun for so long, I didn’t feel like doing much else, so I saw the David, did a quick loop around and left.

The Uffizi? Be prepared to wait hours to buy tickets, and then hours to get into the museum. If you are going to book just one thing ahead of time, book your museum admission, especially if you’re going to go to The Uffizi. I waited so long at The Uffizi my camera died while taking photos of all the sculptures I passed while in line and the weather changed and began to pour.

For safety and security when buying online, I suggest you try to buy from the museum itself and not a third party source.


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